Sanma Brand Identity 

In Yoruba, Sanma means “cloud”. From West Africa they brought their language and culture to the Americas through the slave trade, where it blended with the others. This heritage has persevered within communities in Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and other Caribbean countries. Their traditions have been passed on and evolved to produce some of the world’s most vibrant forms of music, dance, fashion and art.

As a digital services and outsourcing company that seeks to connect Latin America’s most talented developers to up-and-coming businesses, we chose our theme because we feel it evokes a vibrance to match the talent and spirit of the people we work with. Our logo is a network of nodes, not unlike the Yoruba culture that connects so many countries, histories and cultures in our hemisphere.
Sanma to collaborate. Sanma to inspire. Sanma to create.



Artboard Copy 3Artboard Copy 3

Thinking behind option A & B

Inspired by Cuban movie posters, nature, and Orula. Cuban poster design is visually inventive. In a similar way, Sanma is a company that is innovative both with its brand identity and within the tech industry. The beloved orisha Orula is the main counselor of men, he represents wisdom and the capacity to influence destiny. Sanma looks forward to influencing the destiny of companies by introducing them to top developer talent across the Caribbean.

Artboard Copy 8Artboard Copy 8

Thinking behind option C

Inspired by the Orisha Oshun and cuban street art. This brand identity pulls from the success of graffiti beautifying public spaces and creating community engagement. Oshun’s eleke yellow is vibrant and in combination with the organic typeface its reminiscent of aerosol art.

Artboard Copy 9Artboard Copy 9

Final Logo